Refer to this sample bill for an explanation of how to read your billing statement.

Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding your billing statement during our standard business hours Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at (218) 829-2827 or (800) 648-9401.


Crow Wing Power Bill

How To Read Your Bill

To understand your new bill format, follow the numbers for a guide to your new billing details.

1. Your Crow Wing Power Account number Statement date and payment due date.

2. Account Summary shows all charges and payments.

3. Message Center

4. Service location and meter reading information

5. This chart compares your monthly use to the same time last year.

6. Current charges for electric use.

7. It’s important to keep phone numbers and mailing address up to date.

8. Account number and amount due. Return stub with your payment.


Service Availability Charge: A cooperative member’s share of our fixed costs represented by poles, wires, transformers, metering devices, substations, etc. that are needed so power can be available when you wish to use it.

Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment: A per kilowatt-hour adjustment to your bill due to changing wholesale power costs from Crow Wing Power’s wholesale power providers.

Round-Up: If you’re a participating member of Operation Round-Up® your bill is rounded up to the nearest whole dollar and the change is pooled for local charitable contribution.

Moving: It is your responsibility to contact Crow Wing Power when you move. Please contact us three business days prior to moving to enable us to discontinue or transfer your service when needed.