Recycling compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), fluorescent bulbs and other bulbs that contain mercury is essential in helping the environment.

To properly dispose of these lamps which includes recycling their mercury:

Download our Light Bulb Recycling Coupon


  • Light Depot, Baxter
  • Ace Hardware, Brainerd   
  • Weidell's Hardware, Brainerd
  • Ace Hardware, Crosslake
  • Ace Hardware, Deerwood    
  • Hardware Hank, Little Falls
  • Thurlow Hardware, Pequot Lakes
  • Royalton Lumber

COUNTY SOLID WASTE SITES (Do not accept coupons):

Cass County: Includes County Transfer Sites:  Leech Lake Tribal Solid Waste, May Township, Outing (Crooked Lake Township), Pine River, Slagle's, Walker-Hackensack

Crow Wing County: The County doesn't accept lamps for recycling.

Morrison County: Used lamps are accepted at the Solid Waste Management Facility.

Your County Solid Waste sites may provide recycling at nominal cost for residents. Retail drop-off locations may charge for recycling, depending upon the size.  Check with your local retailers who may have special offers for recycling various lamps.

To make the recycling process easier, each member of Crow Wing Power can get 50¢ coupons to redeem at retail recycling locations. Use one coupon per lamp and your participating retailer will apply this as a discount to your total recycling costs. To receive your coupon sheet, either call us at (218) 829-2827 or (800) 648-9401 or click on the “Coupon” link above.

What about mercury? One CFL contains a very small amount of mercury and should be recycled properly. Broken bulbs require special handling.  By requiring less energy, CFLs will actually cut down on mercury pollution produced by burning coal.