The Cycled Air Conditioning Program lets your cooling system take an occasional time out while still keeping your home cool and comfortable, saving you money and energy. 


Cycled Air Conditioning is an energy conservation program that cycles your air conditioner or heat pump on and off in 15-minute intervals (+/- 3 minutes) only on peak demand days. Control times may be as many as 20-25 days per year and usually occur in the late afternoons and early evenings. 

Air conditioners and heat pumps are controlled up to a maximum of 400 hours per cooling season. Actual times per day vary depending upon peak power conditions, generally limited to 10 hours per day. Most control times occur during the hottest times of the day. During this, an adequately sized A/C should be able to maintain a reasonable level of comfort in your home and your furnace fan will continue to run.

  • Participants must have a central air conditioning system. (The system must be hard-wired. Plug-in or split-coil systems do not qualify for this program.)
  • This program requires the installation of a separate meter and load control switch.
  • Participants receive electricity used for cooling at a discounted rate of 5.6¢/kWh. 
  • Rebates available.

This program may be run on a separate, "Cycled Air" schedule through existing Dual Fuel Heating control equipment.



Contact our Member Service department during business hours at (800) 648-9401.

Cycled Air Conditioning Program Text Notification

Members that wish to receive Cycled Air Condition Control Notification through a text message can now OPT-IN. 

Please text 'CWPAC' to 800-648-9401 to be enrolled. 

  • With a successful transaction, you'll receive this message: This is the text msg service for Crow Wing Power's Air Conditioning program. Reply QUIT to opt out or for more information call 800-648-9401.