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Rebates are availalbe for the purchase of new ENERGY STAR® rated products purchased on or after Janurary 1, 2023. The purchased products must be installed where electricity is supplied by the cooperative. Rebates submittal must follow the guidelines as outlined below. Crow Wing Power is not responsible for inaccurate information supplied by appliance dealers. Rebates will be issued only for products on the urrent list of ENERGY STAR® rated products as of the purchase date. To verify ENERGY STAR® certification for applicances and lighting, visit
Upload dated sales recipt within 90 days of purchase.
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Important Rules:

  • Multiple purchases of each unit only qualifies for one rebate.

  • Yard equipment must be purchased new, and not refurbished.

  • Must have an external battery. Battery must be included with the purchase of the unit. Units with a cord or integrated battery are not eligible for this rebate.

  • The unit must be used at an address served by Crow Wing Power.

  • The rebate will be issued as a credit on your electric bill. Allow 8-12 weeks for processing.