As proud member-owners, you've likely enjoyed the benefits of our Capital Credits program, receiving returns through checks or bill credits. These credits represent operating margins from our prior years that are reinvested into the co-op and are distributed based on your electricity usage during the retirement year.

In May 2023, active members who had service in 2008 and the first part of 2009 received their Capital Credits as bill credits. Historically, members receive their Capital Credit distribution in May via mailed checks. By issuing bill credits, we saw a decrease in unclaimed capital credits, enabling more members to readily utilize these returns. Inactive members who were issued checks were mailed to the address they last provided.

At the January Board meeting, a proposal emerged to shift the retirement timeframe of Capital Credits from Spring to Fall. This will allow the Board to consider a more comprehensive view of the Cooperative’s annual financial health while balancing its obligation to retire aging Capital Credits.

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