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An Off-Peak system utilizes a thermal (heat) storage system that heats up during off-peak times (typically at night) at a lower electric rate. The heat is then released into your house the following day to provide 100% of your heating as needed. No back-up is required: you may install an auxiliary fossil-fueled source if desired.


· $0.043/kwh(includes PCA effective 1-01-12)

Control Times

· Switched ON 8hr/day, normally between 11pm and 7am.


· $25/kw installed capacity

Equipment Required

· Thermal storage electric heating system
· Off-Peak meter and load control

Water Heater Operation

· Can be run through the same Off-Peak control and rate.
· Runs at a different Off-Peak schedule than space heating.

Air Conditioning

· Can be run through the same Off-Peak control and rate.
· Would operate at a separate "cycled air" schedule.


· Even, comfortable heating.
· Reduced maintenance.
· Inexpensive operating costs.


· Requires more preplanning.
· Supplemental heat could be needed for tempering room air.

Please Note: Crow Wing Power can help you in designing your off-peak electric heating system. Just call us for details.

Water Heaters

An Electric Water Heater is the most commonly controlled Off-Peak system. To learn more about Crow Wing Power's Water Heater Program click here



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