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Manganese Project News/ Events

Manganese Deposit in Emily Minnesota...Crow Wing Power's newest business investment....(this page is continually updated on the progress and details on events concerning the project)

August 26, 2013: The mineralogy report is now complete. The Center for Advanced Mineral and Metallurgical Processing (CAMP) in Butte, Montana was sent fourteen core samples in April. The samples were photographed, crushed and then sieved in order to prepare and analyze using automated scanning electron microscopes and software. The purpose of the study was to determine the iron, manganese and ore mineralogy.

The study confirmed the physical and chemical analysis of the ore and leads us to believe that separation and processing should get the valuable minerals to a high grade.

This study was very important and had to be done, as we move to the next stage - a processing test. We have authorized sending samples to laboratories to mimic the processing phase. The samples will be crushed and processed to separate the iron and manganese from the quartz and ultimately the goal is to see the quality of the final processed ore material. That will help us to better update the economic report of the mining project and to see if we can achieve battery grade manganese.

We are still studying various techniques for extraction of the ore.

While this project is seeming to take a lot longer than we anticipated, it's important that all steps be taken to assure this mineral extraction project is viable and environmentally and economically feasible.


April 9, 2013: New core samples were taken in the fall of 2012 and early winter. The samples will expand our resource model and give us a closer understanding of the value and the amount of manganese, iron and silica we have at the Manganese deposit by Emily MN. The analysis is still not complete, but the economic study has begun with the knowlege of the new resource model. We have also begun the minerology to see how best to process manganese and iron once it is extracted. We anticipate several more months of study.

Note August 20 , 2012:We are still studying and working on plans for potential processes to extract the valuable Manganese and Iron from the site near Emily. There is quite a bit of planning that goes into the feasibility study of varying environmentally friendly extraction techniques.

Environmental Responsibility Committee meeting held February 22, 2012:

The Environmental Responsibility Committee (ERC) made up of local residents, lake associations and Emily City representatives met once again on Wednesday, Feb. 22 for a recap and review of the demonstration project. While the 'Operations' of the demonstration ended in the fall, studies of the demonstration and monitoring have been ongoing.

Cooperative Mineral Resources is currently taking the next six months to review data and understand varying techniques that may be used in a commercial operation if we decide to move forward with that.

Power points of the ERC meeting are linked here:

ERC meeting minutes

ERC meeting agenda/overview

Operational overview of demonstration

Environmental monitoring/permitting requirements

Recent Core Sample Data (taken in late 2011)

Next Steps

Monthly and Annual Regulatory Reporting Documents Link


December 2011: Extra core samples were taken in September and October so CMR could learn as much as possible about the geology of the manganese site. Those samples are being tested at this time. Barr engineering is also working to complete white papers on the Demonstration findings and facts.

August 5, 2011: Extraction phase of Demonstration Complete... Operations shut down for study (for full press release, click here)

July 8 Emily meeting Q & A's: This link takes you to a document that reflects questions and answers from a public meeting in Emily.

May 12, 2011: Today we uploaded a new video, showing footage of the Demonstration Project processes, where you can see the rich manganese being processed. View videos of Environmental Responsibility Townhall meetings and water testing video here.

Spring Update, 2011: During the months of March, April and May, we've been operating the demonstration project and working to steadily improve production levels. Occassionally, we run into issues, where we modify the equipment, such as perhaps when a screen is too large or two small. Because of that we have not yet removed many truckloads of ore. To see a video of the demonstration and to see some of the actual process, click on the video link above.


January 27, 2011: Operations for Demonstration Project Temporarily Suspended during coldest weather...In early January we temporarily suspended operations on our demonstration project in Emily. For the latest update click here.

Links to photos of varying grades of Manganese cut from the ore taken from the demonstration site in Nov/Dec. are available   The Coleraine facility reported this:

They cut different grade samples from areas in the ore.
Photograph #1474 represents an average- average plus grade of ore, with an analysis of 19.81% MnO2
Photograph #1478 represents a higher grade 'darker band' in the ore, with an analysis of 42.64% MnO2
Photograph #1481 represents darker, high grade, 1/8-1/4inch chips , in the ore, with an analysis of 87.71% MnO2

November 17, 2010: DEMONSTRATION PROJECT BEGINS!... Initial run late yesterday pulls valuable manganese from 360 feet below the ground surface. Click here for full story

November 9, 2010: An estimated seven hundred area residents toured the site of the manganese deposit on Saturday, October 27 as part of a special community open house.  Cooperative Mineral Resources (CMR), a subsidiary of Crow Wing Power, is preparing to start their bulk sample demonstration project to show a new way to extract manganese.  The open house gave people a chance to learn more about the project, the potential opportunity for the community, and the work that has been done to create the plan for this project. The demonstration project is expected to commence during the week of November 10. Open House Press release

August 18, 2010: Cooperative Mineral Resources has offered to sample all wells in the City of Emily, so that residents know the level of manganese and iron in their wells. The sampling is only being offered to help area residents learn about their particular well. Questions and Answers concerning area well sampling is available here.

August 3 , 2010: Great News! EPA approves final permit needed for demonstration project. Today the Environmental Protection Agency approved an Injection Well Permit, allowing Cooperative Mineral Resources (CMR) to move forward in its plans to conduct a small bulk sampling demonstration project. The five acre manganese site is now under rennovation and construction to prepare the site for the proposed mid-September demonstration.

August 2, 2010: Letters were sent to landowners within one mile of site to offer free well testing. CMR has been asked by the City Council and Planning and Zoning to provide free well testing to any landowner within one mile of the manganese site. Those letters were sent on August 2.

Projected timelines (next steps) as of June 25, 2010...click here

July 16, 2010: Press release: The City of Emily approved a fee agreement on Tuesday, July 13 between Cooperative Mineral Resources and Emily. Full story here

June 25, 2010: A lot has happened since the May DNR Record of Decision where no Environmental Impact Statement would be required for a potential fall bulk sample demonstration project. Many regulatory permits have been issued...click here.

June 23: The Planning and Zoning Commission of Emily approved our Interim Use Permit...click here for full story


MAY 26, 2010: Yesterday the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced their Record of Decision on the determination for a need for an Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed Bulk Sample Manganese Mineral Extraction Demonstration Project slated for later this summer.

The DNR has determined NO EIS IS NECESSARY. Now the project can move forward to obtain necessary permits and work with the City of Emily for ordinance amendments. The demonstration bulk sampling project is slated for September pending all necessary permits, etc. are obtained in a timely manner.

The Public comments on the Environmental Assessment Worksheet are now publically available as is the DNR Record of Decision (below).



February 24, 2010: We held a meeting for the Environmental Responsibility Committee (ERC), the group that meets to insure that all community concerns are aired and addressed.  The meeting for the ERC and general public was Thursday, February 25 at 1:00 p.m. at the Emily City Hall.

December 7, 2009: The Environmental Assessment Worksheet has been submitted and is currently being reviewed by government agencies prior to them opening it up for public review and comment. The latest summary of what's currently happening is available here. (click here for summary).

October 29, 2009: The Environmental Responsibility Committee (ERC), that monitors the activities of Cooperative Mineral Resources (CMR) in the proposed Emily manganese project, met for the third time on Wednesday, October 14, to review data and information gained from aquifer and ore extraction tests that were conducted recently. (click here for summary)

Environmental Review Committee (ERC) met July 8, 2009 where Three power point presentations were given as follows:

#1 Groundwater Impacts and Subsidence (click here)

#2 Proposed equipment design (click here)

#3 Acquisition History (click here)

July 8 ERC 2nd meeting summary (click here)

ERC Formed and met June 18, 2009 (click here)

Power Point on Manganese Extraction Proposal for Emily Minnesota (click here)

Fact Sheet on Emily Project (click here)

To Receive Updates via e-mail (click here) and put Manganese updates in the subject

Press Release May 13, 2009
Local Manganese Deposit Creates New Business Opportunity

Crow Wing Power met with the Emily City Council on Tuesday, May 12 to present a proposal to extract manganese from a mineral deposit in Emily. 
Char Kinzer, Crow Wing Power PR manager, said the operation would not be mining as we’re used to.  There will be no open pits and no use of chemicals, but extraction will be done through a boreholeprocess using existinmining processg groundwater.

"We're proposing a method of extracting manganese without disturbing the environment of the city of Emily," Kinzer said. "It’s an opportunity we took charge of after foreign investors wanted to buy the land and mineral rights.”

“We’ve received feedback from several of our members that are pleased the valuable manganese has Crow Wing Power as a watchdog because of our local ties to the community and our track record for success and proper management.”

Mike Zipko, spokesman for Cooperative Mineral Resources, a subsidiary of Crow Wing Power created for the manganese project, said once the project is reviewed by local, state and federal authorities the goal would be to set up a demonstration project by this fall to determine if the bore process technology is feasible and economically viable.

Zipko assured the City Council that this project will be monitored closely by a team of experts, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Health.  Top engineering and mining firms have been contracted as well.

According to the plans if all the environmental tests return positive, it would take five years to extract the manganese from the site.

Kinzer said the manganese deposit is the largest in North America and recently had been pursued by foreign interests.  All of the Manganese used in this country is imported from foreign countries.

"The previous land owner and Crow Wing Power determined it would not be in the best interest of our local economy and environment if a foreign company purchased it and mined the manganese," Kinzer said.

Zipko said it has not been determined what would be done with the mined manganese but it could be sold for steel, used in coal-burning power plants to reduce emissions or used in high tech batteries for electric vehicles.

Kinzer added, the money for the purchase came from proceeds of the sale of Hunt Technologies and not from rate payers.

"There's the potential to return millions of dollars back to the community, to the co-op members and throughout the region," Zipko said. "This local company stepped up.  It's a nonprofit working on a mining project. That doesn't happen very often."

Zipko said the project would bring jobs and $20 million to $25 million in tax revenue to the local and state economy.

“When we are done recovering all of the manganese, which we think will take about five years from start to finish, we will develop the site into a park and give it to the city of Emily,” said Kinzer 

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