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Controlled Electric Heating/Cooling Programs & Rebates for 2014

Dual Fuel Control Times

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About 30% of Crow Wing Power members participate in our Controlled Electric Programs, (load management programs) saving them significant amounts of money in heating and cooling their homes.

Load Management programs protect our environment by reducing electric demand during high use periods, which reduces plant emissions.

Controlling these peak electric loads can also help to reduce the wholesale cost of electricity, keeping our rates as low as possible.


2014 Rebates

---------------------------------------------Please Note:------------------------------------------

Rebate funding is on a “First Come, First Served” basis.

Budgets are limited this year. Contact us about availability and program details before committing to a purchase based on your anticipated Rebate. In most cases, you will receive a physical coupon or an authorization number “reserving” the rebate for you. Programs are subject to change, so check back on a regular basis.

Air-Conditioning/Air-Source Heat Pumps

  • $30-$330 (depending upon SEER rating) for new or replacement installations of Energy Star® rated central air conditioners.
  • $330 - $630 (depending upon SEER rating) for new or replacement installation of Energy Star® rated Air-Source Heat Pumps.
  • $50 tune up an existing central Air Conditioning System, one that's installed before 2010.

Appliance Replacements - Energy Star® rated

  • $75 refrigerator or freezer replacement
  • $50 Clothes washing machine replacement

NEW MAIL IN REBATE FOR LED LIGHT BULBS! $3.00 rebate/bulb Energy Star® rated only. Although more expensive than other bulbs you save 80% energy over standard bulbs and get over 25,000 hours of life in general.



Controlled Electric Heating/Cooling

Off-Peak Water Heaters

  • $300 for new installation or gas replacement

Off-Peak (thermal storage) Heating

  • $25/kw installed capacity.

Dual-Fuel Heating

  • $200 for qualifying boiler or plenum heater installation.
  • $100/ton for qualifying geothermal heat pump installation.
  • $200 for Energy Star® rated ductless/mini-split airsource heat pump

The programs available from Crow Wing Power include:

Off-Peak: These systems are "ON" at night, typically 11pm to 7am, and store heat for use the following day. You can save almost 60% as compared to standard electric rates. Heat storage systems qualify for Off-Peak rates of 4.3 cents/kwh. More...

Dual Fuel: This uses 2 heating systems, consisting of electric backed up by an automatic fossil fuel source. Most of the time the electric system provides heat for your home at only 5.3 cents/kwh. During peak demand times, the electric heating is shut down and your fossil fuel heating system takes over. More...

Freedom Heating: This also uses 2 heating systems; consisting of electric backed up by a non-automatic fossil fuel source. Wood heating would qualify as a backup under this program. More...

Air Conditioning: You can run your central air conditioning system through a controlled program at a reduced electric rate. Air conditioning is "cycled" More...

Controlled Water Heaters: Heating your domestic hot water is a significant energy cost for most families. This can be controlled either by itself, or through one of the above programs. More...

Leased Water Heater Program: If a controlled water heater doesn't fit your needs, you may consider leasing a standard tank from Crow Wing Power. For a lease payment of $3 a month you get a 50 gallon electric water heater from us. The monthly payment also covers future maintenance or replacement of the tank.

Tankless Water Heaters: Recently, a different type of electric water heater has appeared on the market. These are described as “Tankless” or “Instant” and advertise some impressive energy savings. Unlike a conventional water heater with a large storage tank, tankless models consist of a small water vessel with a series of high wattage elements. More...

Special Heating and Water Heating Programs
Regular Electric Water Heating LEASE New Water Heater, Includes Maintenance


Off Peak Water Heating $300.00, New Homes or Gas Conversions
Off Peak Space Heating

$25.00/kw Installed


Dual Fuel Plenum Heater/Boiler
Ground Source Heat Pump (Open/Closed Loop)

---------------------------$100.00/ton 16.2 EER
Open, 14.1 EER Closed

Freedom Heating  
Air Conditioning/Air Source Heat Pump

$30.00 - $630 Energy
Star® Rated

Same as Heating System

*includes PCA effective 1/01/12




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