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Dual Fuel

This utilizes a fossil-fueled heating source (natural gas, propane, or fuel oil) with a duplicate electric heat source. Normally, the electric heat is ON to provide 100% of your heating as needed. During times of peak electric load, a load control switches the electric heating system OFF, and then your back-up fossil-fuel source takes over.

dual fuel


  • $0.053/kwh (includes PCA effective1-01-12)

Control Times

  • Up to 600 hours per season. Individual interruptions may be as long as needed to prevent excessive peak usage.
  • Dual Fuel was controlled a total of 115 hrs during the 2011/2012 heating season.


  • $200 for plenum heaters and electric boilers.
  • $100/ton for a Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP).
  • $100 for a whole house baseboard heating system.

Equipment Required

  • Electric heat source
  • Automatic fossil-fueled heat source (wood does not qualify)
  • Dual Fuel meter and load control

Water Heater Operation

  • Can be run through the same Dual Fuel control and rate
  • Would operate at a separate, Off-Peak schedule

Air Conditioning

  • Can be run through the same Dual Fuel control and rate
  • Would operate at a separate, "Cycled Air" schedule


  • Flexible Fuel Choices
  • Reduced operating costs compared to straight fossil fuel heating systems


  • Extra expense of installing 2 separate heat sources
  • More maintenance costs because of more moving parts

Please Note: Customer must verify their heating system(s) are sufficient to maintain temperatures as required for safety and comfort.

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